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The Oldest Pub In Ireland

Situated in the Heart of Ireland, Sean's Bar plays host to visitors from all around the world. Whether absorbing the history, listening to live music, visiting with friends and family or simply enjoying the perfect pint, the appeal is equally strong for everyone. Find out more about why Sean's Bar is not only the oldest, but one of the best-loved pubs in Ireland.

Sean's History

Steeped in history, Sean's Bar has seen many faces and heard many names. Its varied past is undoubtedly one of the many draws for this popular pub.

Music & Pub Life

The pints are always flowing and clientele is always diverse. Just spend one evening in Sean's Bar and you'll quickly understand why countless other people across the globe walk through our doors time and again. For a look into why Sean's is still a family favourite, browse through the Sean's Bar photo album. Since our galleries are continually growing, you might even catch glimpse of yourself!